Journal of the T. E. Lawrence Society

ISSN 0963-1747

Vol. I, No. 2, Winter 1991-2

Edited by Jeremy Wilson

T. E. Lawrence on board the troopship HMT Derbyshire, January 1927.
It is interesting to compare this photograph with the portrait bust modelled by Eric Kennington shortly before Lawrence left England.

Hugh Leach: 'Off and on the tracks to Atwi' (6-10)

When the T. E. Lawrence Society organised a visit to Jordan in 1989, members were perplexed to learn that Atwi, a station on the Hejaz railway mentioned by Lawrence in Seven Pillars, could not be located. This led to a controversy during which it was alleged that Lawrence might even have invented the station and the military action that he claimed had taken place there. The question has been resolved by two acknowledged experts, H.St.J. B. Armitage and Hugh Leach, who have spent much of their careers working for the British Foreign Office in the Middle East. We print Hugh Leach's explanation.

T. E. Lawrence: 'Six book reviews' (11-30)

T. E. Lawrence's five book reviews in the Spectator have long been difficult to obtain, although three were included by A. W. Lawrence in his literary selection Men in Print (The Golden Cockerel Press, 1940). All five are reprinted here as they appeared in the Spectator, together with an earlier review written by Lawrence for The Observer. [Note: in 1993 the Spectator reviews were included in Harold Orlans (ed.) Lawrence of Arabia, Strange Man of Letters, Rutherford, Fairleigh Dickinson UP]

Nicholas Birnie: 'T. E. Lawrence and Frederic Manning' (31-62)

Nicholas Birnie's paper on Lawrence and Frederic Manning was presented at the Society's 1990 Seminar. It sheds much light on one of Lawrence's lesser-known literary friendships. The text printed here has been revised and updated.

Mike Leatherdale: 'Lawrence and his Brough Superiors' (63-94)

George Brough and T. E. Lawrence, October 1930

Mike Leatherdale's article 'Lawrence and his Brough Superiors' was originally published by the Brough Superior Club. It is reprinted here with some passages amended and additional material drawn from information in the Authorised Biography research archive.

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